It's Alive.....ALLLIIIIIVE!!!

Update on the '66 Thunderbird: we've been working on!!  We got the engine to turn over and run! Drained the gas (which didn't look all that dirty), oil change, new battery, rebuilt the carburetor, and did a shot for luck, and the thang just turned over and RAN! 

We couldn't believe our luck.  We honestly thought the engine would have been seized up after sitting for 10+ years.  She'll need some fine tuning on the timing, and JUST after we cut filming, the power steering pump threw up fluid all over the place (really wish we'd captured that for the YouTube channel) LOL, so adding that to the "to-do" list of repairs.  

We still have some paper work to take care of with the DMV before we can take her out on the road, but we're hoping for a maiden voyage around the block soon to see how she handles.  

Check out our YouTube channel with our first engine turn: