Does the Thunderbird's Convertible Top Work?

Once we got her home and nestled, we hooked up a new battery, crossed our fingers, and hit the switch! You can check out the footage here: 

It works! Whew! We know our way around an engine, but convertible engineering is NOT in our wheelhouse (<--see what I did there?) The top itself is going to need to be replaced.  It's got some holes and the sun has done its business on the once clear rear panel.  We know a few local vendors that will be able to help us out, but until then we tuck her in every night under a full cover until we can get it replaced. 

The original owner didn't have any paper work.  No title. No plates. NOTHING. So we were hoping to find some type of documentation in the trunk, but still no dice. We did find an original accessory bag though! The spare had white walls as well, which was unexpected HAH! She looks great with the top down though! 

Signing off!