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The '66 Stingray
The '66 Stingray
The '66 Stingray
The '66 Stingray

The '66 Stingray

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The '66 C2 Corvette Stingray
(Officially Licensed Tee) 
ONLY 500 Tees Made

In 1966 Batman aired on TV, The Beatle's Revolver and The Doors self-titled albums were released, and 66/67 would be the last year for the C2 Generation Stingray Models.  A beauty from every angle.

There is an indescribable feeling of "power & style" -- that the world is in the palm of your hand -- when you get your hands on the wheel of this classic. We worked with our artist to create a tee that evokes that very feeling...

We chose to feature the '66 Stingray in it's original "Laghuna Blue" color -- which somehow manages to to both "stick-out" and "blend-in" to the setting of the "The Magic Hour" -- that time of the day when the sun has just about set, the dusk light has almost settled, and the magic of the night is about to kick limitless possibilities into high gear.  

  • Men's Adult Tee
  • Original VGA Hand Drawn Art
  • Black Tee
  • 6 oz. Heavyweight, 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Nice, soft, thick, durable, high-quality cotton that will last a long time!
  • AND OF COURSE... Conceptualized, Designed & Printed In the USA